100% Upcycled American Wool Blend
3 Ply Worsted Weight
300 yds / ~ 130 g
Custom Milled in York, PA

"When life gives you lemons..."

By a happy accident while we were preparing for New York Sheep and Wool in 2022, our Replay Worsted (formerly know as Remix Worsted), was born. We ran into a few milling issues when we were working on our Homestead Sport, and Homestead Worsted yarns, so to avoid absolutely any wool waste, we had the mill blend the yarns together, creating an overall glorious yarn that was a smashing success at the festival!

Now, while our original batch was a huge hit, we didn't know if we would be able to intentionally replicate the process... but a few tries later, we managed to culminate the perfect recipe to duplicate our ..."you make lemonade", situation.

If you look closely at the yarns, you can see the tiny flecks of individual colors that make up each color.  This helps add dimension, and a very unique feature to any project.

And since it is an incredible, round, 3 ply yarn with perfect stitch definition, it makes it absolutely perfect for cables, colorwork, an lace work!

These yarns are batched, and non repeatable, SO, if you see a color you love, snag enough for the project you have in mind, and maybe a touch extra, because when they are gone, they are gone.