*MISMASH* Wild Horses + Animal- Homestead Sport

*MISMASH* Wild Horses + Animal- Homestead Sport

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-Sport weight
-100% Superwash merino
-250 yards / skein
-2 ply

Meet the newest member of the Homestead Sport Family: "Mismash"!  Being that our sport weight homestead is a 2 ply, we saw a new opportunity to take 2 of our older Homestead colors, and make a brand new one by plying them together.  We dye everything, for these new colors, the exact same way as our traditional Homestead colors, the only difference is each ply is one color, instead of the same color being plied back on itself.  This creates more color change, and overall, has a super neat effect on the finished garment.

*Our Mismash batches are dyed in very small, and limited quantities.  If you are purchasing yarn for a particular project, make sure you order the exact amount you need, as we can not guarantee the next run will resemble anything like batches from past mill runs.

*every skein of mill spun yarn is unique and varies in color distribution due to how it is produced. We have broken down each colorway into batches, so you know that the batch you pick are representative of the skein(s) you will receive.   

*all yarn is hand dyed with color fast, fade resistant acid dyes

*all yarn is stored in a smoke free studio in weather resistant containers