Gold Tip Needle Set
Gold Tip Needle Set
Gold Tip Needle Set

Gold Tip Needle Set

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Get ready for your new favorite knitting needles!!!  Meet our newest discovery, Gold Tip Needles!

Made from 100% Aluminium metal, these absolutely stunning (and amazingly photogenic needles) are the last needles you will ever need to buy!  Ever have a cable snap when you are knitting?  Ever drop stitches because your cable and needle came undone?.... Say "GOODBYE" to any more knitting woes!  These exceptionally well crafted needles are manufactured at the highest quality so you will never have to worry about cables coming undone, or chords snapping, ever again. 

The cables are a flexible, metal coated chord that does not kink or bind up when working with them, or storing them in the case.

The case that comes with the set is made out of 100% genuine leather.

Needle sizes are engraved in the needles themselves, so they will never rub off, leaving you stuck guessing what size needle you are working with.

Set contains:

- (10) 6" Interchangeable Needle tips: US 2, US 2.5, US 3, US 4, US 5, US 6, US 7, US 8, US 9, US 10

- 4 cables of various lengths

- a key to lock needles onto cables

- cable stoppers

- a genuine leather needle case


*PRE ORDER* Gold Tip Needle Set

*needles will ship in 1-2 weeks