Culloden Cowl Kit # 23

Culloden Cowl Kit # 23

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MC (Loop Fiber Studio "Yin Yang Worsted"- 4 skeins): Body

CC (Primrose Yarn Co. "Homestead Sport- 3 skeins): Poppy

Pattern Notes:

This tubular moebius cowl is cast on using the “provisional cast on” technique, and then knit in the round through to the end, using a series of colorwork charts that are broken up by eyelet details in between. After completing the charts and eyelet sections, the live stitches are put on waste yarn, the cowl is blocked, and then it is returned to 2 sets of US 5 circular knitting needles for seaming using the Kitchner Stitch Grafting Technique. Before seaming the stitches together, after placing all stitches on either ends, back on needles; at the original cast on edge, half of the stitches are slipped to the right needle, twisting the cowl, to creat the moebius twist. The seaming together of the live (ending) stitches and provisionally cast on stitches (original cast on edge) is completed.